A hard work is done ....
news - SOLARIS - DAC available now.
Presentation and sales start on the HIGHEND - in Munich.

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Results from the final professional photo shooting ...

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AudioValve - LUMINARE -Thumbnails preview

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when the gain switch is activated, the green LED on the board lights up and indicates the increase in the gain using the reedrealis


Rear view of the built-in sockets in Solaris




we use a 2 channel RF remote control for the volume up and down function







who variant cover glass as our standard - 2 piece black clearly do not like, can like the one-piece slotted cover glass - have recourse as in the photo in black or white - please specify when ordering the amplifier.


Warranty and tube Note
On each board is the model name of the product and the name of the tubes is set. So if you are not sure which tube you need, please look at the circuit board and watch what is written there (PCL805 - or ECL85 (6F5P)
In mid-2015 has been changed from PCL805 on ECL85 that affects the models RKV all, Luminare and Solaris

The warranty is void if the top glass of the amplifier is taken within the warranty period. Also void the warranty, if other than that we offer tubes are used for the so-called "tube rolling". To buy new tubes, please contact your dealer, he has recommended tubes on stock. Incidentally Tube Rolling is simply stupid in the models RKV, Luminare and Solaris. You can convince yourself by knocking on the tubes, they will not hear any knocking sounds in the headphones.


Technical explanations that show why this concept provides such good results


   The lower picture shows the the hum and noise that the amplifier produces - nothing produces the amplifier, it is absolute quiet. (screen: 2mV/div.)               

The picture below shows the rectangle in OTL mode at 10kHz - simply impeccable. The pixels are from memoryscope

The picture below shows you the max. Output voltage before soft clipping in OTL mode at 220 Ohm load per channel - at 50 Vrms are on each channel 11.3 watts


The picture below shows you the max. rms output voltage before soft clipping in STAX mode.


Following some graphics for technically interested people ...

The switch to the use of OPA 134 clearly shows the added value of the signal quality





DAC - driver for PC, WIN - XP up to WIN10 as RAR file

Weiter möchte ich mich nochmals für Ihre prompte Abwicklung meiner Bestellung bedanken.
Alles hat zu meiner Zufriedenheit geklappt, und ich freue mich auf weitere Kontakte !

Das Gerät sieht nicht nur toll  aus, sondern tönt auch herrlich….“Freude herrscht“ !

Die Bedienung ist selbsterklärend und gut gelöst, und der erste klangliche Eindruck ist hervorragend.

Wie ich Ihnen kurz erläuterte, betreibe ich die STAXE 009 - und gelegentlich den älteren  007 - , sowie einen älteren SONY MDR R-10, wie auch einen ETHER „O“ (offen) am SOLARIS.

Grüezi  Herr Becker, gerne dürfen Sie das veröffentlichen !
Ich gratuliere Ihnen und Ihren Mitarbeitenden für ein gelungenes Gerät, auf das Sie Stolz sein dürfen !
Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes Weekend...ich "muss" halt Musik hören...!!!
Freundlicher Gruss, Urs M.