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Prometheus - a new audio star by AudioValve - is ready. Prometheus is the successor of Avalon, which we have produced over 20 years. Prometheus has technical features that are currently standard in AudioValve amplifiers. For example, each of the two russian GU50 power tubes is equipped with fully automated bias regulators per channel and is technically of a quality that is unique to the market. The tubes operate in the optimum operating bias current point under all conditions. In the next few days, the technical description follows, now we take photos and vote for the new product on the best sound. Prometheus is available from February 2017.

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::   Specifications   ::

Power supply: 100 up to 250 VAC

Power consumption: 200 VA

Concept: PP

Distortion: on 8 ohm load 0,15% - 1Khz ( 80 watt )

full dynamic automatic biasing for power tubes

Power output max: 120 Watt ( 30 Veff on 8 ohms )

Damping: 5

Tubes: 1 * 12AX7, 1 * 12 AU7, 2 * GU50

Bandwidth: 10hz 45khz

S/N ratio: -70 dbm

Gain: 25 db

Inputs: RCA and XLR ( only + phase )

Input resistance: 47k

Speaker terminals: 4 + 8 ohm

Weight: 12 kg

Size: 30 x 22 x 25 cm (WxDxH)