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  1. Ran Xiang

    I really admire Mr. Becker as kind gentle man. I have been using Hifiman Susvara, Stax limited300, Sennheiser IE 800, RHA CL2 with RME adi dac 2. Solaris has revolutionized Stax and IE 800. It made my Stax sounds best with warmth, and superb details; it give a every elastic lows and holographic soundstage to my IE 800.

    When using Susvara however, I found myself using Stax mode with high gain for less fatiguing lows and holographics. I found it works better with its 4 wires stock cable than with ALO reference 16, which is also copper and silver hybrid but with 16 wires. Idk if the large numbers of wires put too much challenge on its conductivity.

    Anyway, if you have IE800 and Stax L700 or limited 300 with upgraded pads, the Solaris will revolutionize these headphone and IEM with the superb synergy.

    More of my YouTube review of Solaris can be found here:


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