Prometheus 100


Here´s my comments on my Audiovalve rig!
This is my current setup:
Streaming from Bluesound Node 2 for the moment, my highend streamer 432 EVO is away for upgrade.
Also playing vinyl through my Mytek Brooklyn Dac with built-in phonostage? and the amplification is
Audiovalve Preamp Eclipse and monoblock amps Promotheus! Loudspeakers Vienna Acoustics
Mahler MK II.
My impressions so far is, Wow! The Audiovalves gives the music a natural warm sound and with great details!
My Viennas is not an easy task but the Promotheus is up to it with a punchy and fast sound! With the right
music you get a wide and deep soundstage too, great job Audiovalve ! For a natural midband and soundstage
please try Anette Askvik ”Liberty” and for a punchy rythm and bass play Kari Bremnes ”Spor” from the album
”Det vi har”. So Thanks for great pre- & power amps Audiovalve and Helmut.

Price for two mono blocks

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