Kingsound Electrostat KS-H03

Kingsound Electrostat KS-H03




Model: KS-H03

The KS-H3 headphones have a new, improved headband, drivers, and a superior sound than the original, KS-H1.

“(the KS-H3 & M20 are)…unmistakably a high-resolution headphone experience…transparency, extraordinarily low distortion, and sensitive dynamic resolution…with special regard for harmonic richness and tonal integrity” Headphone.Guru Review, Chris Sommovigo.

“the…KS-H3 headphones and the M-20…tube amp…bring a new level of transparency and musical enjoyment to headphone listening…(they) are¬†highly resolving, superbly balanced and wonderfully musical…,” Frank Alles, Stereo Times Review.

Headphone.Guru Review by Chris Sommovigo – Sept. 2014



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