Assistent 50-HP

Assistent 50-HP





Stereo – integrated tube amplifier for primarily dynamic speakers with 2 x 50 watts and remote control, based on Assistant 50 chassis. Extended by high – quality headphone connectors on the front for all common models, such as STAX, magnetostats and dynamic headphones and also RAAL. There should be headphone – Boliden give, which cannot get enough power – Assistant 50 HP creates it all – would be laughed nevertheless, if we would not have for it a product – the answer to this :


Assistent 50 – HP

( available summer 2021 )


and can be heard (and seen) at the next AUDIOVISTA or CANJAM .  maybe 2021. All headphone connections are located on the left front for easy headphone change. Connections on the back only make sense for the speakers. What you have to keep the product good for is the fact that nobody will be able to complain about a lack of power anymore, because honestly, who can take 2 x 50 watts on the bulb ?? !! In the beginning we only dealt with the amp in the Far East to see how it does – now we have enough experience to encourage us to establish the product in Europe. All connections on the front are active and can be used at the same time. So it is completely ok to connect several headphones – the amplifier does not bring you to your knees. So it is possible to carry out direct comparisons between various models – you don’t have to do it – but you can do it.

 The dynamic and magnetostatic headphones are fed from the secondary winding of the output transformer, where as the STAX models from the primary side of the output transformer become their voltage, low voltage for low impedances and high voltages for STAX. The required bias for the STAX membrane was stabilized at 580 VDC. The output transformers are of the highest quality and come from the world famous German company PIKATRON. The combination of a built-in stereo amplifier with 2 x 50 watts and at the same time a full amplifier for each type of headphones results in the price. Assistant 50 HP is therefore more complexe and more expensive than the pure amplifier Assistent 50.

Tech. – features:

Type: Integrated stereo tube amplifier
Power: 2 x 50 watt / 8 ohm
Inputs: 1 – 5,  outputs: 1 tape – rec.
Efficency: 0 dbm
Input impedance: 47 kOhm
Harmonic distortion: < 0,3 % / 20 watt / 1kHz
Dimensions: W 420 x H 155x D 320 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Modes: ON/OFF, stand-by,mute
Functions: all functions controlled by remote control – Volume adjustabe my hand also …
Origin: Deutschland
tubes: 2 x pcs. ECC83, 2x pcs. ECC82, 8 x pcs. QQE 03/12, RS 1029 or CV 2798 ( high grade tube from germany military denfense )
STAX config: 480 VDC bias – 500 VAC rms




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