(Deutsch) Bundle - LUMINARE & Kingsound Electrostat H3

(Deutsch) Bundle – LUMINARE & Kingsound Electrostat H3




You are purchasing a top class bundle consisting of Luminare and a Kingsound H3 ( 1000,- € ), an electrostatic headphone.
This bandle is for those users, who have always found electrostatic headphones for themselves, but never found the right driver amp for it, or who simply became too expensive. That ‘s over now, with Luminare the H3 has found a suitable driver amplifier and can now show what’ s in it. And that’s a lot more than you already knew. As I said, the Kingsound H3 simply lacks the right amplifiers, and AudioValve headphone amplifiers are a great way to fully exploit the potential of Kingsound headphones, to everyone ‘s surprise. Time to make friends – time to decide on this exclusive bundle – LUMINARE paired Kingsound H3 …


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