Großartig, klanglich auf ähnlichem Niveau wie am Fostex, spielt der Susvara am Audiovalve RKV3,
hier auch mit großen Leistungsreverven und immenser Entspanntheit.



Earlier than expected the AUDIOVALVE Team is happy and proud to annouce the new headphone amp RKV MARK III. Based on the legendery RKV MARK II ( since 1982 ) Mr. Becker - the designer - has developed this new headphoneamp with unique new and interesting features. It will be launched by beginning of November.

The below pictures are shown our also new ivory edition for all models, which are coming with a special high quality ivory colour chassis, special cables and some extra components.

Egal ob mit hoher oder mit niedriger Impedanz, mit hohem oder geringem Wirkungsgrad, egal ob dynamisch oder Magnetostat -
keinen der angeschlossenen Kopfhörer habe ich bisher so erlebt, wie über den RKV 3, da öffnen sich tore zu neue welten.

No matter if
high or low impedance, high or low efficiency, whether dynamic or magnetostat - none of the connected headphones
have ever experienced so how about the RKV 3, it will open doors to new worlds.
Aucune importance si le casque connecté présente une haute ou une basse impédance, une sensibilité élevée ou faible, qu'il soit électrodynamique ou isodynamique.
Quel que soit le casque utilisé, je n'ai jamais connu un tel résultat que celui obtenu avec le RKV 3.
Il ouvrira les portes sur de nouveaux mondes.

review by Dr. Martin Mertens, EAR - IN, 2/3 - 2015 ( RKV3 REFERENCE classification 1.0 )





Audio enthusiasts who listen to their music via headphones usually have more than one pair of headphones for their enjoyment. To take this into account, we have developed the new RKV Mark 3 headphone amplifier. This amplifier is designed to offer optimum performance for a variety of low to high impedance headphones. This amplifier will give hours of immersive fatigue free listening and works flawlessly over the entire frequency range. This amplifier is a must have for anyone searching to discover new depths in music and sounds via headphones. The new RKV MARK 3 headphone tube amplifier is a beauty. It's ability to render fully believable, 3D images, replete with harmonic richness is unparalleled. That's what it comes back to, again - music. Amid all the subjective observations and objective measurements that one can muster, the ineffable, emotional feel of the music is what many of us are seeking. And it will be so easy you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. The RKV MARk 3 is simply such a stellar performer it doesn't leave much left to be desired.

AudioValve puts most of our budget towards the sound quality of our design and components rather than all of the audio jewelry and marketable designs featured by some of the comparable sounding amplifiers on the market. We would say on sound alone it outclasses its price point, for design and fit and finish it fulfills our expectations of an established company in this price range. Sound wise this amplifier ticks all the boxes, great tonality, world class 3D sound stage, a noise floor on par with all but the very best valve based amplifiers, and macro and micro dynamics in spades. The sound quality of the RKV MARK 3 is of absolute top reference level for an OTL based headphone tube amplifier. The pros to this are rock very low noise floor, low distortions, high frequence range, high damping, very natural and musical tonality, wide impedance matching, perfect open soundstage and so on. This amp isn't for the weak of heart - this is an audioholic's . Highly recommended is an understatement, we can't tell you how impressed we have been with the development of this headphone tube amplifer.


On the left side of the front aperture , the two jacks for headphones and three rotary switches. The headphone jacks are connected in parallel when using the 6.3 mm connectors. For the use of XLR connectors , take the lower bushing for the right ear and the top of the left ear .
Below the two headphone jacks is the Mode switch. Use it to select the mode with which you want to hear. Use the OTL mode if you have a high-impedance headphones (> 100 Ohms) , or benefit you if your headset has the IMP mode less than 100 ohms impedance , or if you intend to use speakers. Which musical impedance best suit with your headphones , you have to find out for yourself. Just turn on the IMPEDANCE switch.
With the last of the three rotary switches on the left, select the source you want to listen to. Then a total of 45 ( 4 +1) RCA inputs for disposal . Input 1 + 2 are also equipped with XLR inputs.
Input 5 is occupied by the built-in phono module. Of these RCA phono jacks ( 5 ) you can pass the phono signal to other devices .

In the middle of the front panel you find the alps volume pot, right the balance control and left the power switch. When the unit is in operation, a green LED lights in the switch.

The excellent results the headphone amplifier RKV MARK 3 provides, aren´t only based on the sophisticated design of the circuit board.
A perfect developed circuit design is only perfect when it is implemented in accordance with the practice.
For all these products AudioValve theoretical and practical symboise is harmonious and coherent.
This leads to a matchless musical reproduction of all sound sources.
Also in RKV Mark 3 is a fully automatic biasing servo controller to use. In our new approach we have chosen a OPA134.


In this picture you can see the left section of the board, the phono section and the right headphone protector. The phono module is classic old school style and built with hand selected components, and fantastic musically.

The headphone protector reliably protects the headphones from pulses that can occur when switching ON or switching OFF the amplifier. The outputs of the amplifier are shorted for this time both on power as in both cases.

Months in ongoing testing of the Mark 3 was developed to perfection. In many updates over and over again the case,
the circuit and PCB layout has been optimized. At the end of this long period, we got the perfect product in front of us.



and the 10 kHz squarewave is absolutely fast ( OTL - mode )  

- CLIPPING / OVERLOAD  circuit -

When the red sine wave at the output of the OPA reaches the upper or lower limit of supply voltage (out of range), one of the two red LED ( green / blue wave ) lights as an indication of an overload of the amplifier. Then either the volume is too high, impedance is mismatched, or a tube of this channel is faulty.


  • consequence double mono design
  • 2 * 0,15mm copper for top and bottom layer 
  • multi VIA layer grounding basis,  pcb design is based on the theoretical principles of the "kelvin - wiring"
  • heavy 3 mm laser cuted steel case - couted
  • clipping indicator ( show you faulty tube or overload )
  • 8 power tubes  ( 4 per channel ) - ECL85
  • full automatic DC / AC servo biasing
  • multi match transfomers ( PIKATRON ) included
  • power output mode selector - OTL / multi matching - transfomers
  • ALPS volume control
  • BALANCE pot. +/- 3dB
  • 2 * NEUTRIK output combi headphone jackets - 6,3mm & XLR
  • 5 * inputs; 2 * RCA & XLR; 2 * RCA only; 1* RCA phono MM out 
  • 1 * RCA - REC output, offer all connected soures and PHONO too for sec. line ( pre ) amps
  • 1 * pair XLR jackets for "power out" for power amps ( OTL output ratio: 10:1 )
  • 4 * isolated heavy gold plated stereo speaker terminals
  • green illuminated main power switch for power ON mode
  • heating and plate voltage "soft start" circuit
  • headphone protector circuit
  • reversible heating / plate current limiter
  • installed OPA 134
  • highly accurate implementated stereo MM phono modul - "old school design"


1 - case color: standard - black or silver -
2 - "limited EDITION
ivory white colored case" - hand selected parts < 1% tolerances and a lot of more expensive specails



  • power consumption: 120 watt
  • weight: 10 kg
  • size: 400*340*150mm

SPECS: OTL mode:

  • same beasic construction like SOLARIS
  • power output:  12 watt per channel - 220 ohm load - ( 1% THD )
  • max. output voltage 100 VAC / 2kohms load
  • bandwide: from 10 Hz up to - 1.2 Mhz ( 200 ohms )
  • Ri: 0.01 ohm
  • Damping: 1000 !
  • loads: < 50 ohm up tp > 2000 ohms in OTL mode - < 8 ohms up to 100 ohms in IMP mode
  • THD:  configure - LM 351 - 3V - 1 kHz
  •      100 ohm load 0,014%
  • THD:  configure - LM 351 - 3V - 10 kHz
  •      100 ohm load 0,014%
  • THD:  configure - OPA134  - 3V - 1 kHz
  •      100 ohm load 0,008%
  • THD:  configure - OPA134  - 1V - 10 kHz
  •      100 ohm load 0,018%

  • Gain: 23 dB
  • s/n - ratio: 100 dB

SPECS: IMP ( transformer ) mode:

  • THD:  configure - OPA134 / 1 kHz / 8 ohm load
    0.1 VAC - 0.015%
    0.3 VAC - 0.015%
    0.6 VAC - 0.02%
    1.5 VAC - 0.1%
    3.0 VAC - 0.3%
  • all other higher impedances have a more and more lower THD
  • match transformer supported impedances: 8 > 16 > 32 > 64 > 128 ohms load

SPECS:  MM phono - section:

output impedance: 450 ohm
input impedance: 47 kOhm
RIAA accuracy: (Referenz - 0,000dB - 1Khz:
100Hz - 0,07dB     
10.000Hz - 0,04dB
20.000Hz - 0,02dB
30.000Hz - 0,02dB
noise: -74dB
distortion: 0,015% ( 1V rms output signal )
gain: 46dB



and here is the list up with the extra features, of the IVORY version of the RKV III, which includes of course all other models in IVORY version :

This all increases the musical authenticity and also the fine resolution of the tonal balance of both channels.


  • Gold plated tubes socket contacts
  • IC sockets with drilled contacts
  • Prolypropylene condensers will be exchanged by very high quality WIMA
    prolypopylene condensers.
  • Electrolyt condensors will be exchanged by the use of typ with a
    higher temperature sector, with a lower ESR ( internal resistence )
  • Silver solder for the handsoldering
  • ALL componenets will be choosed and measured at their lowest tolerences
    for both channels.
  • Cables to the jackets from the German cable designer HB CABLE
  • all Plugs in NEUTRIK high quality
  • Special IVORY high quality finsh of the chassis
  • Feet and knobs in thicker better chrom or gold plated version
  • Dust cover and wight cloves are coming with the amp.

Delievery time : min. 6 weeks after order, as these amps will be produced
out of the regular production, single piece selected handmade.



Dear Mr. Becker,
I am glad to send you today in April 2017 my updated testimonial for the Audio Valve RKV Mark III headphone amp driving my Abyss AB-1266. Since I am very happy with your product it is a pleasure for me to deliver you details of my experience. If I could select only two of my hifi products for the lonely island I would definitely choose Abyss 1266 headphone and AudioValve RKV III together – they made a sonic dream come true for me.
Before I start I want to state that my testimonial reflects what I hear and what I like, it is subjective. Other high end enthusiasts may rate it differently. My ability to compare to other products was limited since I have heard only a limited amount of products in direct comparison.
Testimonial Audio Valve RKV Mark III headphone amp driving Abyss AB-1266 - comparison with Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold and Headamp Blue Hawaii driving Stax SR 007 / 009
Behind the purchase of expensive high end equipment there is often a long individual high end track record. So what leads to the fact that I am a satisfied owner of Audio Valve RKV Mark III?
My Stax track record
I am a loyal long term customer of Stax. I love these headphones with their silky, smooth presentation and resolution, especially when hearing classical music. I ended up with a Stax SR-007 MK2 together with the tube amp Headamp Blue Hawaii. Years of wonderful listening experience made the STAX combinations to one of the best investments I made in high end.
The tube amp SRM 007t was for long time my favorite of all STAX headphone amps primarily because of the sonic qualities in reproducing classical music. I love classical music. But also pop and jazz, so at the end I like it all! I upgraded some time ago to Headamp Blue Hawaii. It is an improvement in comparison to SRM 007t: more dynamics, deeper and tighter bass, more neutral. The differences are audible, but the sonic experience with Blue Hawaii is not worlds apart, so I think for prospects best choice is to check whether the upgrade is worth the huge amount to pay based on your personal judgement. Most listeners prefer the SR-009, some prefer even the older initial SR-007 to the current MK II version. I ended up to prefer the current SR-007 MKII. My ears rated the SR-009 as to bright, a little bit too lean and mechanical sounding, not so natural and lush like the SR-007 MK II. Yes, many criticize the SR -007 MK II in having too much energy and not enough precision in the low frequency range. Yes, I hear also this, independend whether driven by Stax 007t or Headamp Blue Hawaii. But it did not reduce my fun listening to Stax – at least until the Abyss entered the scene, will come back to that later.
Since some years headphones are my first choice of listening
In the last years my focus towards headphones increased because of two positive drivers: my young daughter (unfortunately not sharing my loudspeaker passion) and all these new headphones and headphone amps entering the market and getting highest recommendations from the audio press.
Reading all these enthusiastic reviews I was afraid I could miss something hearing only to my good old Stax. So I tried an Audeze LCD-2 sometime ago. A very good headphone with great look and feel. But at the end I had to recognize that after the attractiveness of being new and exciting was gone I did again prefer the Stax for most of my listening - regardless of the type of music. Only in the case of heavy rock or pop with extensive low frequency energy I used the Audeze. With the Audeze I did not hear the high frequency resolution of the STAX that is so important to me, I missed the delicate characteristics which makes the STAX so special, taking care of every musical detail.
Abyss AB-1266
Someday having a lot of time during holiday being spend with reading hifi magazines I detected a strange looking new high end model called Abyss AB-1266. I read some reviews about it and decided to buy it from Hifi-Studio am Falkensee (Uwe Heile), paired it with AudioValve RKV III. What a great ground breaking experience! It confirmed a old rule: after 7 seconds you know whether you like it or don't like it, whether something new and special is happening. As well as the Stax the Abyss offers me a similar level of smoothness and liquid sonic. But the Abyss AB-1266 combines it with greater dynamics, incredible bass performance and a tangible and grounded sound. It is by far more dynamic and transparent in the lower frequencies - without the disadvantage that the Abyss does produces too much energy in the lower frequency range. That difference reveals very clearly the weakest point of the Stax (007 MK II). The sound with Abyss is also very lush – I love this. I hear dynamics, details and precision I don’t hear with the Stax. The Abyss is so good that you can't stop listening to your jazz, pop and rock recordings. You hear it like never before. For me this headphone represents a huge milestone in headphone development. Even with classical music the Abyss beats the Stax, but the distance is not so huge as with the other music genres. Definitely the best headphone of the world I heard so far – at least when driven by AudioValve RKV III.
AudioValve Mark RKV III
So let’s come to the amplification part. Today there are so many choices, every month new headphone amps announced - good times for headphone audiophiles! But if you want the best and the also the ideal match for your specific headphone (s) the amount of choices can be reduced.
I only heard a very small portion of the available headphone amp choices the market offers. So I am not able to give general ratings like "best headphone amp in the world". And to reduce the scope of my comparison even further - I heard these amps with these headphones: Stax SR-007, Stax SR—007 MK II, Stax SR-009, Audeze LCD-2 and Abyss AB-1266. An assessment of a headphone amp could be and sometimes definitely will end differently depending on the headphone you drive.
I heard the Violectric V200, Fosgate Signature, Bryston BHA-1, Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold, Headamp Blue Hawaii, the headphone amp of my Accuphase C-2400 preamp and the Audio Valve RKV Mark III.
My absolute personal favorite is the Audio Valve RKV Mark III. Smooth and very dynamic. This powerhouse is also strong in subtle details. The Abyss is so lively with the Audio Valve. It seems that the Abyss need some freedom to play, may be you know that kind of passion by a symphony orchestra being directed by a great conductor encouraging them to play without too much control - they will play being inspired. The Audio Valve has that kind of smooth characteristics that I like with Stax - without harshness. It seems to me not being a deviation to neutrality and power. Pop and Rock are sounding great. Incredible bass performance – so tight and deep. And in addition a very delicate reproduction of tone colors and a very three dimensional sound I never experienced so good with headphones before. I don’t even miss loudspeakers, since I don’t have the feeling of music playing between my ears.
I compared my AudioValve with the Cavalli Liquid Gold driving my Abyss. I like the AudioValve by far more. More natural, lush, dynamic, threedimensional – it sounds fluent. The Cavalli sound more dry, mechanical, lean. Often the advantages and disadvantges of components playing on the same overall level are distributed in a balanced way. My ears tend to really LOVE the AudoValve: I can’t detect a criteria were the Cavalli has a sonic advantage for my ears. And for me it is a huge different. That was and is still a surprise to me, many rate the Cavalli as best choice for the Abyss. The difference is greater that the difference between Stax SRM-007t and Headamp Blue Hawaii.
In addition to the sonic merits I love the RKV III because I can see inside the amplifier. I can imagine where the music finds the way through the circuit - without being harmed. The glow of the eight tubes is wonderful. Audio Valve and Abyss are both not looking reduced like purist "Bauhaus" style. After some weeks in my home I now think they represent a "good and characterful looking couple".
I also like the company behind Audio Valve. Mr. Becker has been long in the business, his company can offer a tradition, he is passionate, knows the basics of electronic engineering. He is one of that technical oriented small size company owner that keeps the economy going! He is very responsive to me. I can talk directly to him. If you prefer to talk to a smart sales guy representing your high end company of choice look elsewhere ;-)
The Violectric V 200 is not so dynamic, it sounds also smooth, very controlled, a little be controlled in comparison to the Audio Valve, with less bass power in comparison to Audio Valve RKV Mark III. Considering the price I rate the performance as very good. But knowing what the AudioValve can do hearing with the Violectric is no fun anymore. I sold the component.
Summary and general experiences
So I urgently recommend all headphone enthusiasts to try to listen to Abyss and AudioValve RKV III. I am glad that I contacted Mr. Becker a year ago. Listening via Audio Valve RKV III and Abyss is the best listening experiences I can imagine.
In addition to my sonic experience I want to share also my practical experience in day to day operation.
I use the RKV III now since one year. It worked all the time trouble free without any problem. Important for me is also the fact that you don’t hear any hiss or hum, also no noise during start up or shut down procedure.
Take care in the case that you connect the RKV III via Y-adapter to your source. When switched off or in the case of the inputs not being selected the source will see a reduced resistance. No panic, there is not a risk of a damage but you just need to know that the level in case of a parallel connected amplifier is reduced.
With the Abyss I prefer the RKV Mark III 64 Ohm impedancer setting. It is smoother in comparison to the 128 Ohm setting, may be the listener looking for dynamics of pop and rock will prefer 128 Ohm.
In my configuration I needed a longer headphone cable for the Abyss. I purchased a cable called "Headphone Harness" from small US based niche company Jena Labs (distributed in Europe by emotionalaudio in Netherlands). A good decision. Look and feel is very good. Sounds very good, but I did not spend effort to compare to the JPS cable. The cables of both channels are stranded together and the strand is very flexible. So the handling is better than with the original Abyss cable.
Volker R., Hamburg, April, 2017

[Image: DSC_0208.JPG]



Warranty and tube Note
On each board is the model name of the product and the name of the tubes is set. So if you are not sure which tube you need, please look at the circuit board and watch what is written there (PCL805 - or ECL85 (6F5P)
In mid-2015 has been changed from PCL805 on ECL85 that affects the models RKV all, Luminare and Solaris

The warranty is void if the top glass of the amplifier is taken within the warranty period. Also void the warranty, if other than that we offer tubes are used for the so-called "tube rolling". To buy new tubes, please contact your dealer, he has recommended tubes on stock. Incidentally Tube Rolling is simply stupid in the models RKV, Luminare and Solaris. You can convince yourself by knocking on the tubes, they will not hear any knocking sounds in the headphones.


Following some graphics for technically interested people and show why this concept provides such good results

The setup in 2014  with OPA 134  in the headphone amp design clearly shows the added value of the signal quality

Technical explanations that show why this concept provides such good results

   The lower picture shows the the hum and noise that the amplifier produces - nothing produces the amplifier, it is absolute quiet. (screen: 2mV/div.)               

The picture below shows the rectangle in OTL mode at 10kHz - simply impeccable. The pixels are from memoryscope

The picture below shows you the max. Output voltage before soft clipping in OTL mode at 220 Ohm load per channel - at 50 Vrms are on each channel 11.3 watts



"Update December 2015: in the meantime I had more time to hear my Audiovalve RKV III with my Abyss AB-1266, and to compare it with Violectric V200. To keep it short: the RKV III plays in his own league. So dynamic, three dimensional, neutral but also silky smooth with so much resolution. Just perfect.

Therefore I sold my Violectric V200 in the meantime. Not hearing with RKV III is now no fun anymore. So my urgent advice to all high end earphone fans is stronger than ever: try to get an opportunity to hear AudioValve RKV III with Abyss AB-1266. Rate this combination with your ears. These two components at least changed my listening experience, made a dream come true for me.

Volker R. Hamburg"


23.06.2015, 21:36
Registriert seit: 15.04.2013
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Standard Audiovalve RKVIII

Seit gut vier Wochen steht nun der Audiovalve RKVIII bei mir Daheim.
Da ich heute wieder einmal im Hotel übernachte und somit leider nicht Musik hören kann, wollte ich die Zeit nutzen, um dem Forum von diesem absoluten Ausnahmegerät zu berichten.
Wie in meiner Signatur zu erkennen ist, höre ich bislang ausschließlich mit einem HD800.
Es werden zwar demnächst noch ein bis zwei weitere Kopfhörer dazu kommen, der Senni wird aber bleiben.
Nun kennen die meisten hier den HD800, seine großartige Weite in der Abbildung und die sehr genaue Wiedergabe auf der einen Seite, aber auch die manchmal etwas "technisch" wirkende Gangart auf der anderen Seite.
Angefangen bin ich mit ihm mit einem Lehmann Linear.
Mit der Kombi konnte ich jedes Musikstück sezieren...
Und auch die Bühne war jetzt nicht so meins.
Dann den Violectric V200 getestet.
Schönere räumliche Wiedergabe, aber da fehlte es mir an Genauigkeit.
Dann - aufgrund der sehr guten Berichterstattung hier - den Bryston BHA-1 getestet.
Dummerweise bei meinem Händler zusammen mit einem Ayon CD-1SC CD-Player probegehört - und beide bestellt.
Das war eine ganz andre Hausnummer und ich dachte, das könnt's schon gewesen sein...
Letztes Jahr dann mein gesamtes Hifi-Budget in Stromoptimierung gesteckt - mit durchschlagendem Erfolg.
Dann kam Otwins Bericht über den Luminare...
Da ich schon immer Röhrenaffin war, wurde ich neugierig.
Ich hatte die Möglichkeit, ihn ausgiebig hören zu können und war einerseits angefixt, andererseits konnte er nicht komplett alle meine Ansprüche erfüllen.
Irgendwie gefiel er mir zwar besser als mein Bryston, aber z.B. die Durchzeichnung war nicht so da, wie ich es vom BHA-1 gewohnt war.
Geschmacksache - klar, aber irgendwie wollte ich jetzt keinen Kompromiss eingehen.
Und da ich noch nicht zu 100% hingerissen war, hab' ich schweren Herzens diesen großartigen Verstärker ziehen lassen
Audiovalve hat mich aber dann nicht mehr losgelassen.
Also habe ich mir den RKVIII zum Test ins Haus geholt.
Das war dann aber wirklich mal noch eine ganz andere Hausnummer!!!
Dieses Gerät macht einen unglaublichen Raum auf!
Ich habe nun das Gefühl, ich könnte die Interpreten anfassen - sie sind atemberaubend "live".
Es gibt nun mit dem HD800 auch kein Stück mehr, was mich " nerven" könnte, er ist in dieser Kombi dermaßen musikalisch, mit so einer tollen Klangfarbe, wie ich es bei diesem KH nie erwartet hätte.
Und auch die Durchzeichnung ist beim RKVIII deutlich besser, er spielt einfach in allen Belangen souveräner.
Was die Kontur/Präzision im Bass angeht, habe ich im jedoch noch ein HMS Suprema-Netzkabel spendiert.
Man glaubt nicht, was dieses Kabel an Druck und Kontur im Bass bewirkt!
Und seitdem treibt es mir Abend regelmässig die Tränen in die Augen...
Ob es Leonard Cohen mit der " Live in London" ist, oder (der Hammer!) Mario Adorf mit Monserat Caballier bei "Rilke Projekt" - soviel Emotion auf fast allen bislang gehörten CD's hatte ich so nie erlebt.
Kurz: Ich bin glücklich!
Eine ganz, ganz klare Empfehlung für den Audiovalve RKVIII - wer sich für den Luminare interessiert, sollte unbedingt auch mal den RKVIII hören.
Und für die Stax-Besitzer gibt es ja noch den Verto, um den man die RKV's ergänzen kann.
Nichts anderes ist im Luminare verbaut.
Ach ja, der RKVIII hat zwei Kombi-Kopfhöreranschlüsse, die sowohl zwei unsymmetrische Kopfhörer aufnehmen können, als auch einen 2x3-Pol-Stecker.
Herr Becker läßt aber auch mit sich reden und verbaut auf Wunsch auch eine 4-Pol-Buchse.
So, jetzt habe ich mir mal Luft gemacht - ich mußte echt mal mit meinen Emotionen raus.
Leider kann ich meine Höreindrücke nicht so gut in Worte fassen wie Otwin, der wie kein zweiter tolle Gerätevorstellungen hier eingestellt hat.
Aber vielleicht testet Otwin dieses phantastische Gerät ja auch noch mal und schreibt ein spannendes Review darüber - es wäre wirklich die Mühe wert.
Auf jeden Fall meinen Glückwunsch an Herrn Becker zu diesem wunderbaren Gerät!

Schönen Abend noch


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