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The VERTO is a passive device (no power supply required) powered by the signal from the power amplifier. This allows the VERTO to be transparent as it will yield the true sonic signature of the power amplifier and other components you use in the system.

This is a huge advantage over dedicated amplifiers for your Planar Magnetic or Stax headphones as they can be very costly and many are overpriced yielding less than optimal performance.

But with the VERTO you have no limit as you may use it with your favorite high-performance power amplifier(s) and other components to achieve superb results driving any type of headphone.

Below is my recommended system setup with the VERTO. In this configuration there are no sonic compromises in terms of which headphones you use with the system as Dynamic, Planar Magnetic and Electrostatic headphone all perform superbly.

First off, to achieve the absolutely top performance from the VERTO and the rest of the components in your system it is extremely important to use vibration control and properly designed system cables for all the components in the system. These two very important and over-looked “components” will for lack of a better term “double or “triple the capabilities of the collective components very
notably improving
the overall system performance.

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