Do you like music, including hi-fi and technology? Then we are looking for you. You are male / female or diverse, have fun and talent in sales and like to sell – then you fit exactly into our team. We have been on the market for decades and supply the upper price range with the finest hi-fi equipment that is rarely found in this world. We ensure our continued existence of the company because we care about our customers and our products. In times like these, when service hardly counts, this is a valuable asset that our clients appreciate very much.

So you can see that in Kassel – Germany we do everything we can to give people at home with their headphones and loudspeakers the unique feeling of happiness every day. These users thank us with their loyalty to our products. A product bought off the shelf can hardly say that. This unique selling proposition that we have is the basis of our success and can still give many new users a lot of fun and secure our jobs – also lends yours.

So in order to exploit all our possibilities, we need you with active support, a person with ideas and creativity, for whom selling is a challenge, who speaks English spoken and written and takes over worldwide sales activities. You can also work from your home office, also as a freelancer. Your office may also be your home – no problem. The main thing is that you are somewhere on this planet. You report to the boss and become part of the success. You maintain our customer contacts and expand the base, you may also have to travel to a trade fair and present our products live. Become interrested, then write to the boss …