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Three questions  

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English is not my native language(so poor), so thanks for your patient reply.


As we know, high sensitivity & low impedance headphones (especially: Japanese headphones)

may have more environmental noise.

As we know, amps using tubes may have more environmental noise than using transistors.

Your website says that Solaris/Assistant50-HP can done well with all headphones.

Can they done well in aspect of environmental noise ,when using low impendance Japanese headphones?


Stax volatage bias is 580V.

Can Solaris/Assistant50-HP done well when the headphones' volatage bias is not 580V?


Only for headphones,not for speakers,

Can Assistant50-HP make better sound quality than Solaris ?

At least,can Assistant50-HP make the same sound quality compared with Solaris?


Thanks a lot.

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Helmut Becker
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Solaris was specially developed for headphones and meets all the requirements of a headphone amplifier. Solaris is not a pure tube amp, it is much more a hybrid amplifier and therefore there are no tube-specific dependencies.

Assistant 50, on the other hand, was primarily developed for driving loudspeakers and is not recommended for low-impedance headphones, since the carpet of noise is too high that you cannot hear on the loudspeaker - but on the headphones.


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