RAAL headphone on AudioValve Headamps ??

So that you can connect your RAAL headphones to our headamps, we have developed a transformer with optimal transmission ratio. Our idea is now to connect the two transformers in a separate housing to the OTL output of our maps and to feed music to the RAAL without loss. At the moment the RAAL only runs on big power amplifiers with...

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40 years anniversary

40 years have passed from the first idea to the present. Look forward to our 40th anniversary together with us in 2020. We have gone through many epochs of technological developments - good and bad - and some have also left their mark on our products - but we have always remained true to our love for tubes - why? Because...

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Taiwan audio highend show dec. 2019 with AudioValve

here are some impressions of the Audio Highen show 2019 in December at the Grand hotel. AudioValve was exhibited in two rooms, also together with brodmann speakers. Both rooms delivered an unmatched good sound. We would like to thank and at this point very much for the great commitment of our distributor in Taipei, the company: look our FB accout for more...

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