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Our Coming Exhibitions

Current exhibishion dates / locations where you can see our products …

It is time to let you know that AudioValve is exhibiting at CANJAM 2020 in NYC. Everyone is welcome to plug in your headphones.

PICKINGS form 2019…

3 Takeaways from CanJam NYC 2019

Our headphone guy shares the sights and sounds of the world’s premier headphone show

Stepping into CanJam NYC, I felt a burst of energy. My senses were overwhelmed by spinning turntables, glowing vacuum tubes, stacks of amplifiers, and lots of headphones.

What’s a CanJam? It’s an event at which audio aficionados from all over the globe meet to celebrate, audition and discuss the latest “cans” (aka headphones).

headphone amp with glowing tubes

There were many, many eye-catching products at CanJam NYC like AudioValve SOLARIS. The mid-February show in New York was one of three U.S. events scheduled for 2019.

noch mal in KREFELD zur AAA …

– AUDIOVISTA – Krefeld, im September
– X-fi Audioshow am 28 und 29 september in Veldhoven ( Studio Alkmaar )
– high-end in Tilburg 16 und 17 november ( Studio Alkmaar )

und in DARMSTADT …

This time we treated ourselves to a high-end 24 square meter corner stand – in hall 1 booth B 05, because we have a tube amplifier (the big parts) as well 4 meters long table row for all headphones users want to offer.

Next to LUMINARE-DAC and SOLARIS-DAC we will introduce our new Digital Audio Player / Streamer, Network Player – CASSANDRA – from AudioValve. With the party were at the Development u.a. also Dr. Ningsheng, from the land of the rising sun, who accompanies us for the duration of the fair. In addition, we are also pleased about our guest: Michelangelo Guarise from Italy, CEO of:

whose background is CASSANDRA.

Therefore, the „Headphone Bank“ at AudioValve will present a lot of new this year. Over Easter I will finish the flyer for CASSANDRA and here too
post with more details and pictures.

details following later ……….

HIGH END 2019: 9. – 12. Mai – Halle 1 – Stand B-05
meet us at the world biggest audio hifi highend show …

importers and visitor follow please its link for more information

              Look for its display stand

We do not want to deprive our awesome headphone amplifier line of the western world any longer because we think these will be a great addition to all audio headphone enthusiasts and will be displayed for listener of the CANJAM 2019 in New York for a big public audience and the press imagine.

The CEO comes in person with Mr. Becker from AudioValve at least with minimum one SOLARIS and one LUMINARE.

The amps should then remain in the US, so we are looking for buyers for this reason, we also make a good price – promised.

We are also looking for retailers / importers.

In der Vorführung Zimmer 223: alles Dinge die musikalisch Spass machen, wie:
BALDUR 300 an:

Harbeth M30.2 40th Anniversary. Technisch identisch mit der M30.1 ( Nur mit besseren Bauteilen aufgebaut und im exklusivem Finish (Silber Eucalyptus). Paarpreis: 4550,- €.

dont miss the:

Toronto Audio Video Show 2018

Oktober 19 – Oktober 21

AudioValve is displayed by Gramophone Audio Distribution – room no. 360 – Mr. Bryan Tayler

New exhibit at the Paris Salon organized by the French magazine HAUTE FIDELITE on November 17th and 18th at the hotel MARRIOTT.

AUDIOVALVE will be displayed by our agent:

AudioAktoren present AudioValve amplifiers on the NORWEGIAN HIFI exhibison in Horten on Saturday the 29th and Sunday 30th of September.
Copy its link in your browser for installation its show ……

På Hi-Fi Messen i Horten den 29/9 og 30/9 finner du oss i Tårnsuiten, rom 312 og i rom 101 og 103. Les om messa her!

Tårnsuiten, rom 312 ligger i den gamle delen av hotellet.

Gå opp ALLE trappene til 3. etasje i den gamle delen av hotellet. Godt merket! Tlf: 928 95 773

I Tårnsuiten vil Salgssjef Hallvar Rostad demonstrerer alle produktene som du ser her + mer.

AudioValve is at the Highend 2018 in Munich.

   10. – 13. Mai 2018 – HIGHEND munich 2018

We also look forward to seeing you in hall 3 – P 12 this year and we especially inviting foreign guests, importers

and retailers to get an idea of our products and what makes AudioValve amplifiers unique in the scene of audio tube