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Helmut Becker was born in Hessen (Germany) where he also went to school. His father and mother ran a small electronics business there and so, as a child, Becker came into contact with technology on a daily basis. This environment was to shape his life. Even as a 12 year old, Becker would tinker with tube televisions in his father’s shop, taking them apart and getting to grips with the way they worked.

During this time, he developed a passion for tube technology and everything about it which captivated him his whole life. After his schooling, he trained to become a TV technician, and during his military service, he became a radar technician ‚with distinction‘, where, among other things, he learned to understand and operate ‚large tubes‘ such as magnetrons, tyratrons and klystrons. After this, he completed his studies in telecommunications technology, with distinction, and developed air warning systems. In 1979, he started working with medical technology and start parallel ( as AudioValve )  in 1980 his first project named RKV, an OTL head amp.

In this area, he worked first and foremost on the development of coagulometers for hematology laboratories in clinics. Driven by a great sense of curiosity and with endless assiduity, after a short amount of time in this role, he was able to prove himself with new production-ready developments and was soon promoted to the role of development manager. Becker’s creative mind produced numerous groundbreaking ideas and products. The results of this work can be seen in numerous patents and have fundamentally revolutionized analysis techniques for the detection of blood coagulation times in clinics across Europe.

What made these developments special was the much more precise and exact way of determining blood clotting times in many coagulation tests. As a result, these analysis methods and devices were established by the WHO (World Heath Organization) as reference products essential for survival and are still in use today. The figure of a gifted, visionary and tenacious engineer and inventor can be seen throughout his life’s work.

As if his workload and success were not already enough, Becker also wanted to leave his mark on the world of audio tube amplifiers. And so using proven and reliable television tubes, he came up with new ideas and in 1982, and saw his first patented project, the RKV. He devoted all his free-time to the development and realization of special tube and semi-conductor based products for audiophiles and in 1982, began designing the RKV.

The principles of this circuit design can still be found today in the RKV 2 and RKV 3 which remain unrivaled benchmarks in OTL tube amplifiers for audiophiles. There followed many further extravagant developments in the amplifier field, all of which bear the particularly unorthodox and talented hallmark of a brilliant engineer.

Becker often drew on technical symbioses between several generations of electronics and electrical engineering. Today, he is over 60 years old and looks back on his fundamental and extensive knowledge and life’s work which go right back to the beginnings of tube technology.

And you can be sure of one thing: much of what our forefathers were familiar with was far better than what is being sold to you today as technical progress because today, the industry is only interested in profit.

Why, you might ask, is Becker not withdrawing quietly into a well-earned retirement? Well, the answer is simple. Because without this important and established piece of ‚Made in Germany‘ high-end technology, history and the audio world would be considerably worse off.

And so, together with his former partner and her husband, Becker continues to work consistently and with interminable ambition, even today.

For your hobby we give our best every day. To contribute at:

Executive Director and Mastermind ( CEO )Helmut Becker

As Founder and Managing Director, Becker is responsible for the planning, conception and implementation of the strategic company structure with focus on development, sales and marketing, as well as for the technical area with research, product development and professional after sales service.

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P 42 05 618.7 Patent Measuring Vessel
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593 07 099.2 Patent Measuring Vessel
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Analoge / digital Audio fundamentals audio research:
Manfred Penning – nickname: Analogman 

email: Manfred Penning,        info@manfredpenning.de

Annabell ( production and purchasing )

email:      annabell@audiovalve.info

and we have many more valuable employes not mentioned here…

Yuri ( assembly )

email:      yuri@audiovalve.info

Stephan  ( production and final inspection )

email:    stephan@audiovalve.info

Nancy ( warehouse and shipment )

email:     nancy@audiovalve.info



To confirm the authenticity and originality of an AudioValve, let your dealer / retailer show you our authenticity certificate. Only then is it assured that you purchase an original AudioValve product. For this reason, you buy better in the real shop instead in dubiose internet channels like TAOBAO. This certificate is personally signed and dated by Mr. Becker as President of AudioValve.

【HIFI说 2016年5月报道】来自德国的Audio Valve,从英文字面上直译就是“音频电子管”的意思,从这一点就知道该品牌主要从事高级电子管音响产品的研发和制作,当中包括前级、后级放大器、合并 式放大器甚至针对目前主流耳机领域的电子管耳放产品。众所周知,电子管放大器的制作涉及到众多的经验技术和线路专利,很多时候更是融入了设计师的个性特点 和对声音的偏好,也致使这类型的产品很难走标准化的制作规模,因此多以小规模的手工制作为方式。面对音响技术的快速发展和冲击,Audio Valve依然坚持电子管的研发制作,可见该品牌对电子管的那份热诚和执着的信念。而本期,针对这个来自德国本土的Audio Valve,在介绍其产品的同时,笔者更希望向大家介绍其创办人兼设计师的那些事儿!因为他很大程度是该品牌的核心和灵魂人物。

Audio Valve的创立可追溯到1982年,由HelmutBecker先生创办,产品也由他做主要设计,他绝对只坚持电子管机种的制作,从不因市场变化而随 波,真我如故!而这一点可以追溯到Helmut的童年。有朋友会绝得不可思议,童年就开始发烧啦?非也!这一点源自他的家庭的影响,因为Helmut的父 母亲就是经营电子管相关产品,因此他从小便与电子管零件为伴,耳濡目染!从官方网站介绍,笔者了解到,Helmut的耳濡目染源于他家的那台电子管电视 机,当时12岁的他便喜欢经常拆卸当中的电子管,亦能把它重新安装,令电视机安然无恙地正常工作,从此打下了对电子管技术的启蒙基础,而电子管也成为了他 一生的缘分和事业。在他毕业后,他成为电子管领域的专业技术人员,在军队中服务期间,又学习了相关的雷达技术,有机会接触到一些军用大型高功率电子管设 备,之后又完成了电讯通讯方面的研究和学习。随后在1979年,他甚至从事了医疗相关的技术工作,钻研凝血方面的研究,可以说这位仁兄真的是多才多艺!

“死硬派”的执着 当然,很多跨领域从事音响事业的,肯定有一个共同点,就是对音乐和音响有着无限的热情,Helmut同样是电子管音响产品的狂热拥护者,自然对 市面产品有所不满,为了达到自己想要的极致产品和效果,他决心开创属于自己的电子管放大器品牌。凭借着德国人一向严谨的工作态度,要求音响器材在长时间工 作下有着极佳的耐用性、稳定性、音效性和音乐性,Helmut在当时便希望使用电视机所使用的电子管作为放大器的组件,因为当时电视机在电子管应用上已经 相当成熟,因此他相信借用这些组件能获得更稳定和出色的音频讯号放大效果。Helmut在1982年推出RKV计划,也就是他的OTL无输出变压器管机, 在当时得到了德国专利,并正式创立Audio Valve品牌。直到今日,30年后的此刻RKV放大器仍在生产中,并已演进到RKV MK2(耳机放大器)与RKV MK3(综合放大器兼耳放)的阶段,而且仍然维持和当年的RKV相同的电路架构,可以说这些都是Audio Valve的经典机种。

其产品在今天业界依然广受影响,也得到不少电子管爱好者的爱戴,其稳定和出色的性能表现亦深获到世界各国爱好音乐人士的信赖,更博得世界各地音 响专业人士的肯定与推崇,Audio Valve更获颁为全球最好的放大器等诸多奖项。Helmut不愧为德国音响界一位不可多得的音响奇才,确立了Audio Valve电子管放大器永不磨灭的领导地位。

Audio Valve的专利技术 Audio Valve尽管是传统的电子管放大器品牌,但其依然拥有不少自身的技术特点,首先产品外形不但经典耐看,Audio Valve是世界唯一使用的阴极随耦设计(Cathode Follower)的电子管放大器,能确保丰沛电流能够完整输出。从功率管的阴极输出交连至输出变压器,其优点是输出阻抗低,输入阻抗高,频率响应与线性 表现良好,而且失真低。阴极随耦电路对输出变压器的要求非常高,这部分Audio Valve则向德国大厂Pikatron订制输出变压器,可以完整表现阴极随耦输出的优势;其次,独家的自动偏压调整电路(Automatic Bias Regulation),它会依据每支电子管的工作状态自动调整栅极偏压,因此无论是新管还是老管,是否有配对,只要是这支电子管老化到一定程度,需要更 换时,管座旁的LED灯便会亮起,提醒用家哪支管换该了;再次Audio Valve在线路布局上还使用全对称式独立分隔线路,确保最精确的分离度,降低各个环节间的杂讯干扰;最后在电路设计时,更设计出特殊的逻辑侦测电路,其 可随时侦测电子管的工作情况,若有不测即可LED灯“智能”地反映出来。

丰富的精品级电子管放大器 不管Helmut有着如何“死硬派”的执着,但他家Audio Valve的产品既丰富,又有着精品级的工艺。从其官网上可以发现,Audio Valve产品目前分为4大类别,分别是合并式电子管放大器、前级后级放大器和耳机放大器等。合并式放大器包括Assistant 30/50/100三款,而前级放大器型号共有Conductor、Sunilda(唱放)、Eclipse和Eklipse等,后级放大器方面则共 Challenger系列(115/150/250/400)、Balder系列(70/300)和Avalon,耳机放大器则有RKV系列、 Luminare、Solaris、Eartube、Verto等产品。

合并式放大器:Audio Valve合并式电子管机型采用Assistant作为系列名称,当中包括Assistent30/50/100,这三款功率与型号等价,三款产品均采用 最佳立体声线路布局,当中两声道部分单独独立设计,并进行线路分隔,从而在线路上避免杂讯的干扰。Assistant还使用全对称A类放大阴极输出推挽式 设计,具备开机1分钟内自动待机预热功能,同时该系列亦加入了自动“灯丝”稳压和屏极电压,自动偏压调整可以对电子管进行侦查监控。

Assistant 30输出功率30W,纯A类电子管推挽,搭配2支12AU7(ECC82)、2支12AX7(ECC83)电子管,强放管子每声道采用4支西门子QQE 03/12;整机具备5组RCA和录音 RCA输出,阻抗为8Ω,频率响应:20Hz-60kHz,讯噪比:90dB,尺寸(WDH):22×36×23cm,重量:15kg。

Assistant 50输出功率50W,搭配4支ECC82、8支QQE 03/12或RS 1029或CV 2798电子管,具备5组RCA输入和录音RCA输出,阻抗为8Ω,频率响应:15Hz-70kHz,讯噪比:86dB,尺寸 (WDH):42×32×15.5cm,重量:18kg。
Assistant 100除了与之前的产品在功率上不同外(每声道100W),在外观上更增加了表头,在大功率输出时还会亮起来,搭配2支EF86、2支ECC82、2支 QQE 03/12、4支6C33电子管,讯噪比为80dB,输入为5组XLR和RCA,输出具备1组录音RCA输出,尺寸(WDH):17×55×45cm

前级放大器:Conductor前级放大器属于旗舰产品,搭配分体式电源,当中采用电子管全平衡对称放大线路,零负反馈设计。除此之外,更采用双单声道结构 设计,当中使用了重量级的电源供应。当中的线路板更使用了军用级产品,底盆厚度达到4mm级别,隔绝干扰及谐振等。电子管方面使用了4支6H30 /6N6P和4支6922管子。Conductor最大特点的是使用了微电脑提供彩色显示屏,能反馈机器运作的资讯及电子管的使用状态。 Conductor的讯噪比为102dB,频率响应为5Hz-200kHz,失真率低于0.01%。在接口方面,Conductor具备6组 RCA/XLR平衡输入和2组RCA/XLR平衡输出。Conductor尺寸(WDH):51×38×19cm,重量:25kg。全能遥控附带记忆功 能,可记忆各组输入聆听音量。

Eklipse前级放大器采用纯A类电子管设计,采用双单声道结构,内置160VA特大电源变压器,为左右声道独立的供电,当中的线路板使用了 军用级产品,底盆厚度达4mm,隔绝干扰及谐振等。电子管方面搭配4支12AU7电子管。Eklipse频率响应为4Hz-45kHz,讯噪比为 80dB,具备7组RCA输入和2组RCA输出。尺寸(WDH)42×32×13cm,重量:20kg。

唱头放大器:Sunilda为电子管MC/MM唱头放大器,采用双单声道线路结构,以电子管放大和分体电源设计,当中为零负反馈精细的RIAA线路设计,大 幅降低讯号损耗的同时,能提升动态表现及减低噪声。Sunilda设置有两组独立输入,可个别调校输入参数,线路板使用了军用级产品,底盆厚度更达到 4mm级别,隔绝干扰及谐振等。电子管方面使用2支6922和2支12AX7管子,包括2组RCA输入接口和1组RCA输出接口。增益上MM为40dB、 MC为60dB,输入阻抗具备47Ω、100Ω、220Ω、470Ω、1KΩ、47KΩ,输入灵敏度2.5mV/MM,讯噪比为76dB。Sunilda 尺寸(WDH):42×32×14cm,重量:20kg。

后级放大器:Challenger系列是单声道后级放大器,包括115/150/180/400四款,采用纯A类线路放大,采用Parallel- Push-PullCircuit平衡推挽输出线路,从输入至输出均为全平衡放大,动态对比凌厉,当中加入了专利的ABR自动偏压调整电路,无需人手调 校。115/150/180功率均等价型号数字,输出阻抗具备2/4/8Ω,强放管分别使用了6支EL-34、6支6550、6支KT-88,电子管方面 共同使用了2支12AU7和1支12AX7,输入端具备各1组RCA和XLR,尺寸(WDH)均为:24×43×28cm,重达22-25kg。而400 的功率每声道则为480W,峰值更高达650W,强放管使用12支KT-88,电子管则使用了2支6189、1支12AX7和1支EM- 80magicEYE。400尺寸(WDH)为38×75×42cm,每台重达65kg。
Avalon单声道后级放大器采用了专利Parallel-Push-PullCircuit平衡推挽输出线路,全甲类输出达到60W输出,峰 值输出高达75W,强放管采用半自动变压调整线路,并设有LED显示灯,表示电子管运作状态。Avalon每声道输出功率达到60W,输出阻抗为 4-8Ω,频率响应为4Hz-34kHz,电子管方面使用了1支ECC83、1支ECC82和8支EL-84/6BQ5。Avalon尺寸上 (WDH):21×32×22cm,每台重量达15kg。

Balder系列包括70和300两款,采用三极电子管推挽线路,纯A类线路设计,具备良好的阻尼系数,能从容应付低效率扬声器,当中加入了专 利的ABR自动偏压调整电路,无需人手调校。70每声道输出功率为70W(8Ω),而300则为300W,具备4/8Ω阻抗,频率响应分别为10Hz- 50kHz(8Ω)和10Hz-60kHz,阻尼系数分别为20/25。70电子管使用了4支6AS7G、1支ECC83、2支ECC82和1支6N6P /6CG7;而300则使用了10支6AS7G、1支ECC83、2支ECC82和1支6N6P/6CG7。两者输入端均具备RCA/XLR选择。70尺 寸(WDH)32.5×38×30cm,重量16kg;300则为49×52×43cm,重量55kg。

耳机放大器:应对目前主流的耳机领域,Audio Valve推出了多款产品,笔者在此先介绍RKV MARK II电子管OTL耳机放大器产品,匹配低阻抗独立电源。该款产品获得OTL无输出变压器纯A类电子管放大线路专利,对应各种耳机的阻抗 (32-2000Ω),提供稳定的输出功率表现,具备双单声道设计,大幅降低干扰及提升立体声隔离度。当中的强放管采用自动偏压设计,无需人手调校。在前 面板接口方面具备2个6.3mm立体声耳机接口,电子管采用4支PCL805/PCL85/18GV8,尺寸(WDH):36×20×12cm,重量为 10kg。

总结:不知道大家是否有发现,Audio Valve器材产品使用了不少亚克力材料和透视式设计,这个好处令内部结构一览无遗,能够有此信心,可见厂家对电路设计的讲究。只要用家走近细看,即可观 察到当中的平衡式对称线路布局,红色的军规电路板和完成度极高的手工焊接功力,让产品整体的干净度都是相当不错的,如石机一般。据说旗舰 Conductor当中的电容,Audio Valve更专为其定做,可见其做工是多么地讲究。如果朋友们有机会接触他家的产品,你会发现电子管放大器也能做到如此之精品。