AUDIO - ART magazine 2009 Taiwan, Audio Valve Sunilda Tube Phono Amplifier

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Equipment comments / Liu Zhen
In recent years I have heard a number of Audio Valve amplifier. Whether the former level, single-ended amplifier, or push-pull amplifier, the German Hi End plant products won my heart. Called Sunilda singing of course, the whole vacuum tube head amplifier amplification, but also dual-mono design, two channels on the same piece of circuit board, using completely independent of the amplification circuit. For each channel using the one 6922,12 AX7, according to that the use of the three original amplification, while the RIAA curve compensation circuits were added to the first level and second-level amplification, the Audio Valve, according to a passive RIAA said it would split into two can be significantly reduced because the signal caused by the passive circuit losses. Sunilda provide MM amplification (40dB) and MC amplification (60dB) two kinds of gain, do not use negative feedback.

One capable of reaching the two with the
It can take two to sing the first! Must be people who say: What's next two Phono remarkable? Many sing the first amplifier will do. However, Sunilda two inputs can be independently adjusted for the gain, resistance, capacitance value, so you have both equal to two Phono Amplifier! Why it can do so, others do not? You just look through the transparent roof puts inside will know: it is not fancy installed two sets of two groups of resistance and capacitance. Production costs in order to look at this is not the economy (in Germany, handmade, how many more welding so many parts, labor costs may be even higher than the parts cost), but it is a very practical approach. 2 input to relay switch, it will not produce any interference. Who used this function right? For the audio commentators like "Doo-disk" is very useful for audio fans.

External power supply to exclude interference
4 knobs for each of two groups, one used to adjust the impedance, the other is the capacitance; four lever switches were responsible for input, gain adjustment and mute, standby. Interface to operate it, Sunilda beautiful design is very reasonable, we can see Audio Valve boss Helmut Becker must be a logical concept-oriented person.

Audio Valve has always been inside the machine to maintain a high completion level of resistance and capacitance of the connecting rod is used to adjust the machine back office to adjust the signal path is very short. Having said that power supply section also in order to eliminate interference, in particular, chassis design, the two computers using the old kind of printer cable connections. The power supply is not easily to a chassis trouble, but with a real aluminum metal outer case fitted up.

Use of vacuum tubes, front-end of the ECC88 is the Tesla, NOS tubes, the output buffer stage of the 12AX7 is JV products. See Tesla, I would like to find fault with the tube for tube fans should have to give up the idea of a bar!

By the way, agents Code Audio Co., Ltd. Li stressed that Taiwan imported Audio Valve products are specifically requested to strengthen the German original power supply specifications and a variety of materials, are also gold-plated knobs, so the performance would have been better on the types of aircraft sold abroad, Some strong. Of course, you should also prepare to spend a little more price.
Machine a mute, I knew my fascination for the digital system was again an analog system to completely defeated. Why? Good Sibu Si, I have come to listen to vinyl records is the CD has been heard do not know how many times the "Cafe Blue". I thought the music, all kinds of details have been gains a complete surprise, the analog system, sound, or like a new vista in general, always giving me a surprise! What surprises do? Than the details of the digital system to better performance, better than the digital system, live feeling better than the frequency of the digital system, at both ends of the performance of all I listened to a few minutes later, we can immediately feel the benefits.

Re-boxing countdown-bit systems
CD's performance in the low frequency do not should be more prominent? To be honest, I have always think so, but in a few top-level analog hearing to listen to the experience of the source, I found: the low-frequency analog is indeed far better than the quality of digital. Of course, this has a premise that analog systems are very good. For example, this time using the analog system, if the amplifier can be considered to be the first to sing in, prices have more than any I have heard the CD discs at home, so there must also be a better sound performance is normal. From the Sunilda sent to the voice of not only more full, more low, the severity of the drum and the speed of response are also better than digital systems. This flexible and clear foot drum, it sounds really comfortable and extremely enjoyable.

Can reproduce the music subtle changes in complex
Analog system signal to noise ratio is far lower than the figures in the book Digital Systems (MC Phono amplified signal to noise ratio is usually only in the 70dB or so), reasonable to say that the sound should be a very fine digital systems prevail, but in listening to a sense of the simply not the case. No matter which track to listen to, I can immediately hear the CD (or SACD) is indeed a number of subtle changes "simplistic" the. In other words, subtle changes in the dynamics of ups and downs, the analog system, a clear upper hand. To reproduce the music more complex and subtle changes in the entire sound field seems to have been cleared of mine, have a better sense of transparency and direct sense.

Large full of water again
The most outstanding feature Sunilda surprisingly, it is also related to vacuum tubes, it is loose in the high-frequency performance of water there. This loose so that when the choir sing the ups and downs is more attractive, able to front of the space to completely filled, a myriad of audio and video distribution choir let Sunilda spacious sound field advantages into play. Woodwinds the place where the most touching in its Qiyun, while Sunilda let loose a spirit brightened up a bit Smart. Guitar is filled with the sound on the show Sunilda advantage, which is full of water, there is some flexibility in the nylon-string guitars with the full, playing the particles also very clear.

Careful look at the level of a sense of
In the orchestral performance, Sunilda at the level of the strength of strong resolve, they will be fully revealed by such beauty. It may be noted that each of the piano as if the sound field in the location of the analytical capacity proved Sunilda resolving power in a hierarchical sense and above all have a very high achievement. Of course, the string sound is also very United States, but also with a sleek shiny beauty.

IF full of emotion
Sunilda IF is very full, playing works by this passionate singing, can let me hear the songs, the others singing skills with the use of physical sense. Either copper or electric guitar, through the broadcast Sunilda have very correct ratio to reproduce, on behalf of the Taiwan Phono amplifier to create a sound field, audio-visual shape and so on have very outstanding performance.

Excellent low-frequency control
Dynamic, low frequency, the details are Sunilda great selling point, is more important is fidelity. Even the bass drum full of grainy and the degree of so I am satisfied that. Sunilda feeling in the low frequency does not deliberately highlight the fat swollen, but is a convergence of good, with flexibility and full low-frequency performance. Low-frequency from high school have the same amount of sense of balance.

Sunilda regeneration cymbal sound totally dragging its feet, can easily knock cymbals will be quick to reproduce the details of the others out of those waves will not occur quickly glossed over cymbal sound vague, saying that Taiwan Phono amplification temporary state to respond to very high caliber.

Sunilda on sexual expression in various sound very good, but I think the most important of all, it let me replay the whole level of the system to new heights. Through Sunilda play vinyl records, I was shocked to the original amplifier and speakers to my surprise, there are so many in the past I have not a good performance to explore the potential! Each album out on me a surprise, once again, so that the enjoyment of listening to music to become excellent. It seems that in return will be Sunilda agent, I will not and then the power turned on CD discs.

Doomed to a lonely analogy of no return
After this the Lyrics, I recognized the sound quality on the analog system can not be undone, and value. Relentless pursuit of audiophile sound recycling are two-way road: One of them is A Q point (which the Chinese do not Ah Q?), Completely regardless of the strong vinyl drum up support for fundamentalists, as the world has never appeared this kind of music media, you can live a very happy day. The second way is to seriously save money, get a good enough analogy replay system, careful adjustment, you will find that the expansion of their own machines, the original speakers can be so beautiful so well.

2 Road to the election which one? As Frost said: "The forest, two-way points, the way deserted rare; I selected this road alone, is the situation of differences." Audio Valve Sunilda is that you choose "deserted dilute" the analogy of an excellent companion on the road, it let me make it clear to see the analog world, colorful Vientiane, more cruel to see a number of expressive power located in the sound quality is also still much to be desired Transformation . This sound obvious winner is no turning back, so I can not help heart, "I doubt from the future, the ability to switch to return," sigh!