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AudioValve`s ABR can handle a lot of different power tube bias

Reference to this question follows this quote:

"how does your abr circuit differ than say V.a.c or E.a.r automatic biasing ? if there product bias also what makes your different or better? My freinds and potential customers would like to know thank you .
the special unique function from AudioValve`s ABR can handle a lot of different power tube bias, for triodes and pentodes in SE, PP and PPP circuit. Example class A, class A1, and B. The biggest probs is to have a sense and a regulation function for static and dynamic processing at the tubes
(with or witout music).
The ABR can handle this, and we think he is the one and only who can do this ;-)

We do not understand how is it possible, that other tube amplifier supplier here amps deliver without this circuit. :-( it`s so mutch more safety for the amp and the customer and brings the best music over the complete lifetime by the power tubes."

There was initially a problem with the biasing system in that the diodes were in place for stable german current and you recommended a diode modification from above the circuit board to make them compatible to US current because the red LEDS remained on even with new tubes. (2001) . Now I`m having similar problems but YOU said a number of amps were delivered to the US set up specifically for the 6550 tube, if this set of mono`s is such a pair why did your distributor sell these to me in 2001 knowing I specifically asked for EL34 tubes with the SILVER WIRE VERSION. I quote your response to a previous email.
" I remember, that we deliver Challengers for USA with a bias modify for bigger power tubes like 6550 or KT 88. Of this pc board we using on each power tube place a glas diode named ZPD 24 instead ZPD 15." This confuses me if these amps work with many tubes as advertised. Having to email back and forth technical information and relaying it to my technician who will not use email is a poor way to support your customers. I have owned a number of expensive amplifiers and never had a problem receiving technical information on them. Audion and Aragon come to mind most recently. You have good equipment but your support here on the east coast USA is weak and confusing.
I do not want to ship these amps to NYC from Florida as the added expense and danger of shipping damage is too great. Your original dealer misrepresented the shipping terms to me to save money on the deal and I came home on afternoon to find $8000 in amplifiers left sitting in my driveway outside my house. I`m lucky it didn`t rain and I have good neighbors. Y ou can understand my reluctance to deal further with that dealer.
Thank You,

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