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Phono Amplification specifically an MC cartride with a 2.0 millivolt output. Do I have any options with the Eclispe? Must I purchase a seperate phono amp to acheive line a level suitable for the Eklispe or is here an internal board option. Thanks for any guiance on this. Signed A well satisfied customer!

Hello Mr. Noble,

we have a development order from our nederland importer for a new phono pre amplifier. We have to deliver in the next 2 - 3 mounth. The unit can handle mc and mm and have two pairs PCS inputs in SE technologie and RCA and XLR fake outputs. Its unit looks like an Eklipse.

We have four selectors on the front:

input 1 or 2
impedance selector between75,125,250,500 and 47Kohm
capacitor selector
output gain selector

the unit has NOT a mc/mm selector - its not nessesery. The electronic design is a mix by IC and tube electronic - its a hybrid amp.

Please ask me in 4 weeks for more details.

Last update: 2004-06-21 08:16
Author: Helmut
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