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The active loudspeakers for which I have information are to be connected through standard, symmetrical XLR connectors. Will the so-called “fake” XLR output available on the Eklipse work with any symmetrical XLR on an amplifier or active loudspeakers, as far as wiring is concerned? For example I have read in the documentation of one of these active loudspeakers that \\"If your signal is unbalanced it is usual to connect the unused signal pin (i.e. pin 3) to ground. This is normally done inside the connecting cable\\" or \\"If connecting an unbalanced output to the balanced input make sure the shield is connected to the unbalanced ground of the source and to pins 1 and 3 of the XLR\\". Is it so with the “fake” XLR output on the Eklipse? Would I need a special XLR cable or will a standard XLR-XLR cable work?

by AudioValve