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how does your abr circuit differ than say V.a.c or E.a.r automatic biasing ? if there product bias also what makes your different or better? My freinds and potential customers would like to know thank you .

the special unique function from AudioValve`s ABR can handle a lot of different power tube bias, for triodes and pentodes in SE, PP and PPP circuit. Example class A, class A1, and B. The biggest probs is to have a sense and a regulation function for static and dynamic processing at the tubes
(with or witout music).
The ABR can handle this, and we think he is the one and only who can do this ;-)

We do not understand how is it possible, that other tube amplifier supplier here amps deliver without this circuit. :-( it`s so mutch more safety for the amp and the customer and brings the best music over the complete lifetime by the power tubes.

Last update: 2005-01-11 18:42
Author: Helmut
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Comment of Helmut (2014-02-08 12:49:58):
our bias regulator can distinguish between dynamic and static mode, this is very important . Most offered on the market "auto bias" can not this application are different and do not stabilize with loud music the correct bias current. In our bias is quite different. We determine the quiescent current static at first, and save it when using loud music play. Thus, the operating point ( bias current ) remains stable and does not move in any direction . Another advantage is that with aging of the tubes, this correction is automatically performed . So the tubes are always set at the optimum bias current until the end of your lifetime. We are really surprised that you can buy new products still require you to manually adjust the bias current is constantly required, maybe every day. This has no advantage - on the contrary, only disadvantages. Audio Valve implements the ABR since 1990 in the big power amps with great success and is now leading the way for over 30 years for optimal tube management.