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Can I use the following tubes in my Challenger 140's? KT100 Liuzhou: Contrary to popular opinion, this is not an uprated KT88. It was made under contract by the Liuzhou tube factory for a well known European tube company. The bottle is much bigger and heavier than a KT88, and the anode structure is entirely different. Peak anode voltage is 600v with 550v being comfortable for this tube. It can dissipate 50W. This tube presents interesting possibilities: If your amp has a beefy enough power transformer you can bias it into class A operation with this tube. Plays with wonderful authority and control. Respectfully, Jeff Hopkins

Any power tube that is pin compatible with KT 88s or 6550s may be used in the Challenger amps. The power plate dissipation must be 30 watt or higher, and the tubes must have a negative grid voltage between minus 15 and minus 60 Volt. The fully automatic bias regulation will adjust the correct stable plate current for each tube– regardless of the power tube that is being used, as long as it is compatible with the requirements set forth above.

Last update: 2004-02-24 14:26
Author: Helmut
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