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Singing / harshness in Challenger 180
I have had a problem with singing /harshness in one of my Challengers 180. After some discussions with Importer and Hans Kise in Norway we swooped all tubes from one amp to the other and problem moved...conclusion tube problem. Idea Tubes have less than 500 hours as today.  

After some trying and failing by carefully tapping the 3 front tubes when the sound appered I found that the center 12AX7 tube had a problem. I had a pair of Philips NOS 12AX7 in house that Hans had tested for me earlier for other equipment.... Like a new amplifier. So the roumer that  tube quality didn't matter is false. 
The singing has never come back, but now the harshness is back if I play a full day--more than 8 hours it starts.
I powered down the Sunilda, than the Eclipse...still harshness in the loudspeaker. Tried tapping on the tubes as hans told me last time. Could not localize which tube.
If I put it in Standby for 5 minutes it disappears and it takes some hours before its back again. 
Its quite irritating that I to often find my-selves listening for harshness instead listening to the music  Huh  

Du you have any suggestions?. The amps are less than a year old....  Should I replace more tubes? but that is a cost issue again....

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Singing / harshness in Challenger 180 - by Bernt - 03-19-2017, 01:43 PM

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