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Singing / harshness in Challenger 180
(03-24-2017, 01:13 AM)Bernt Wrote:
(03-23-2017, 10:51 AM)Bernd Wrote:
(03-23-2017, 10:25 AM)Bernt Wrote:
(03-22-2017, 05:45 PM)AudioValve Wrote:
(03-22-2017, 05:01 PM)AudioValve Wrote: you think its a rising gound noise or a main power AC hum what you can listen after you switch OFF the Eclipse ? I remember that some 12AX7 have bad isolation between cathode and filament, I think its comes from the driver stage ... Can you swap one tube after other from left to right amp and hear what tube make its trouble ?
One more Bernt, Eclipse sound at the best when VOLUME pot stay higher then 12 o`clock and more ...
What INPUT you use by the Eclpse and what music source you listen most time ?
I use AUX1 for the Sunilda RIIA -(Oracle Delphi w SME309 and Lyra Helicon) mostly. I also use a DAC ( Naim V-1) on TUN. CD player is on CD1.
I can not pass 12 oClock... If I do I need to put up new walls. 11oClock playing Beethoven has loud pressure like beeing in center of a Metallica consert. I wonder what input can be used to lower gain allowing me to use 12oClock.
But this has nothing with my problems to do. I can only power up the Challenger and leave it on for a day and it starts to send BUSS to the loudspeaker. If you read earlier in my post I have swooped tubes between them and the problem moved.  Part of the problem dissapered when I replaced the 12AX7 tubes, but not the rest. The new 12AX7 tubes are checked by Hans Kise and are of top quality. I did though swoop them last night, but buss did not move...this morning on the same channal.
Do you think this is from the 12AU tubes??? or is it a Power tube?  taking one tube at the time will take weeks.... I am not in the mood for that. Than its easier to replace the tubes directly on the Challenger, but where to start?? 12AU or Power?
When no red LED near by the power tube shining - they all ok. So I think maybe its the bridge rectivier or its condenser in front left side for driver filament.
It looks like a temperatur prob, thats typical for its both parts. Can we send you its pat for replace ? Give me address please ....

Please sent it to Hans Kise who is the approved service in Norway. You have the address. Due to Norwegian warranty rules I cant do anything except changing tubes my-selves.
I will contact Hans directly :-)
Ok, I send Hans a mail we and analyse what is to do ...
Nice weekend - Helmut
never chance a running system ...

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