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The next comming weekend, the 7th and 8th of april, AudioValve's first TUBE FESTIVAL 2017 days will start. There are still a few guest places available, next Wednesday we will close the registration form.


At the same time, we will be able to determine the weight of a SOLARIS with all our guests, which we have offered as a contest on our FACEBOOK page ( look in the timeline ). Also this participation ends in a few days, but still is time, the last bids to the weight Solaris to make. After the "open days" we will report on our event here by FACEBOOK and our forum.

[Image: 17620125_1621132271234707_32617836194474...e=5990D13E]

For our invited guests to the Tube Festival 2017 by AudioValve, we have invited a virtuoso artist, the superstar Diego Jascalevich. He will perform on both days - on Friday the 7th of April at 3 pm and on Saturday the 8th of April at 12.00 for our guests as soloist pieces from his rich Latin-American repertoire. We are looking forward to Diego Jascalevich.
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