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Full Version: Importer meeting may 2017
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From 20 - 22 May 2017 we were visited by importers from China, Shanghai and Taipay. Both are two strong pillars of our Far East business. In the 3 days we discussed the further development of these markets and the expansion of relations by barbeque and vodka. We would like to tell many thanks all our guests for the visit in our home and company AudioValve, especially Mr. Ninghsheng from Synergy Audio China, Mr. Zac and Mr. Hansan from JS-MelodyTaipai. I hope you all have a nice time and we'll see you again soon. Here some pictures from the meeting ...

[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_20_at_13_56_38.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_17_25_43.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_18_04_17.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_19_43_55.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_19_44_25.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_19_45_34.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_21_at_19_46_21.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_22_at_18_51_28.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_22_at_18_52_33.jpg] [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_22_at_18_52_55.jpg]